especially appropriate for parents and caregivers of our children

Be captivated by the testimony of how the solace of nature and the dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail altered and saved a life. Explore the physical, psychological, spiritual, and societal effects and benefits derived from an active participation in the natural world. Be inspired to help your children “unplug” for a while and reunite them with this crucial piece missing from their upbringing in society today.


This presentation will share over 30 years of knowledge hiking in the wild places in all 4 seasons demonstrating how to “cut pack weight” (hiking lighter is certainly more fun). In my trek from GA to ME I carried less than 10 lbs. of gear most of the trip concentrating on the bare essentials and safety. The following topics will be discussed:  Pre-hike Training, Gear Selection, Nutritional Necessities, Hydration, Blister Prevention, Stretching, Understanding Weather Signals, General Hazards, Campsite Selection, Individual Hiking Style, Ultra-Light Hiking, (I hiked over 1200 miles of the 2176 miles w/ NO sleeping bag, NO rain gear, and NO cook stove or fuel the entire adventure.

(A Journey From Hopelessness To Happiness)
especially appropriate for teens & young adults

My personal story from hopelessness to happiness is followed by a 6 minute digital slide show of my thru-hike followed by a discussion of the “3 Essential Needs For Happiness”. There are multiple important messages in this presentation (building a healthy self-esteem, peer pressure/leadership, anti-drug, proper nutrition, stress management, clearer understanding of misery/happiness, goal setting, and importance of following personal dreams

My trained therapy dog, “Otis”, is a beautiful English Bench Lab and accompanies me during the above seminars. Passages will be read from my new book, Trail Dreams.

Presentations: Trail Days Festival (Damascus, VA) 5 Years, ATC Conferences
(North Adams, Colby College), Trails End Festival (Millinockett) 2 Years,
“Hoods to the Woods”, Youth Conferences, Alternative High Schools,
DYS (Youth Lock-Up), Libraries, Youth Groups, etc.


Forty years of endurance racing (still competing) will be shared. The following subjects will be discussed:  high energy diet (power foods), proper form, strength training, speed work, injury prevention, over distance training, hydration (sports drinks), foot wear, stride length, bike cadence, balancing workouts, “bricks”, etc.


Hiking, Canoeing/Kayaking, Biking

We lead family hiking trips for all experienced levels in New England during all seasons of the year. Choices span from day hikes to nearby Blue Hills and Rocky Woods to overnight adventures in the Northern Presidentials during the winter months. Canoe/Kayak adventures of the Charles River, Maine rivers and lakes to the famous 740 mile North Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT) will be offered as well as bicycling trips.

Please contact Brad to schedule a workshop, or to obtain additional information about Trail Dreams programs.