Robert Morales

Trail Dreams is pleased to announce that Robert Morales has joined our team and will be participating in Trail Dreams presentations and workshops with Brad Cook effective immediately.

Robert’s living his dream, and he’s come a long way from the tough streets of Brockton, MA where he decided that he’d be the first person in his family to graduate from college. As a junior, at age sixteen, he wasn’t even enrolled in any college preparatory classes because he had a reading comprehension disability so serious that he was working with a special education teacher to overcome it. But what he did have was heart, and spirit, and determination… and he had his dream.

Robert was already a well regarded 300 meter runner when he first met his new winter track coach, Brad Cook, during his junior year, and they established a bond right away. Coach Cook was impressed by Robert’s discipline and dedication, both on the track and in the classroom, and he saw such promise in Morales that he immediately began work on turning him into a top state contender, but at a longer distance – the 600 meter.

Robert very quickly “bought into” his coach’s workouts, both on the track and in the weight room, and he was soon competing and winning at 600 meters. Morales finished the season just .9 second off Brockton High’s all time record. He also finished the season as one of the top 600 meter runners in Massachusetts.

At the same time Coach Cook, Robert, and his special education teacher were able to change his program to college preparatory despite initial resistance from the guidance department. All the while Morales was learning valuable lessons about the hard work and determination that goes into achieving our dreams, and that the important things in our lives are worth fighting for. When you believe in yourself you’ll find that others believe in you also, and Robert’s classroom and track work flourished.

Robert was also part of Brockton’s 4 X 800 relay team. In his senior year they won the New England Championships for the winter indoor track season, and in the spring they set an all time MA state record. In that same year Robert Morales graduated with honors and went off to college, where he again graduated with honors. And now, a young man who wasn’t ever expected to reach college is nearing completion of his Masters degree while working a fulltime forty hour a week job.

Robert Morales’s dreams continue. He has a story to tell, and many lost and discouraged teens NEED to hear “Robert’s Story.”