The importance of maintaining a well-planned exercise regimen is becoming increasingly recognized as one of the most significant lifetime contributors to our health, longevity, productivity and general sense of well-being, yet many of our medical institutions have been slow to place the appropriate emphasis on this critical component of any healthy lifestyle. Instead, we just keep placing our efforts and money on rehabilitative medicine – this is a much more costly and inefficient allocation of resources because it treats the results of bad choices rather than preventing the causes themselves. It’s really simply a matter of common sense to understand that by following a disciplined lifetime program of appropriate, challenging exercise we can enjoy lives filled with high energy and focus, success, happiness and the achievement of any of our individual dreams.

Brad Cook conducted his personal 33-year study of exercise techniques and strategies as part of his training to prepare for the rigors of his 2008 Appalachian Trail thru-hike. Having been a health educator, track coach, marathon runner, tri-athlete, mountain climber and bike racer for more than three decades, Brad became extremely knowledgeable in ways to maintain his performance level at peak efficiency, in high stress conditions, over extended periods of time such as are required in the grueling five month thru-hike of the “AT.” He paid particular attention to all the “little things” that often go unnoticed, but which have a huge impact on the successful outcome of any high endurance athletic effort – proper body mechanics, innovative conditioning, nutrition, discipline of the mind, body and spirit, and single-minded focus on “the dream.” Not surprisingly, many of these characteristics are the same as those we can use to be successful in most of Life’s other equally important endeavors such as our careers, relationships, recreational activities and the development of a spiritual and compassionate way of living.

The “Trail Dreams: Essentials of Exercise” workshop is a supplementary program designed to provide attendees with the tools for developing their own lifetime strategy for utilizing exercise to maintain physical and emotional health, high energy output, and strong mental focus. This program is designed for young people, the average adult, and for the high performance athlete. All components of exercise will be discussed and clarified: cardiovascular health and endurance, strength training, flexibility and balance. Most importantly, Brad will present his ideas about how to keep you constantly motivated to try new and innovative methods for conducting your individual training program so that you’re continually focused, involved and challenging yourself on a daily basis. Information about the yearly cycle of base training, strengthening, peaking for performance, and the recovery and rest phase will be presented to all participants in this crucial follow-up Trail Dreams program.

Please contact Brad or Samantha to schedule a workshop, or to obtain additional information about Trail Dreams programs.