Happiness isn’t a complicated concept; in fact, its beauty lies in its simplicity. Our modern society is very complex, however, and this has caused great emotional pain, confusion and inner conflict for so very many of us. The daily negativity and stresses that overwhelm us from all directions are a direct result of our modern lifestyle – they’ve caused us to lose our perspective, and to lose sight of life’s simple rules for happiness. Brad Cook understands this all too well, for he once lived just such a life filled with depression, negative self-image and despair.

Now, in his relaxed but direct style, Brad tells his inspirational story about the “dream” that forever changed his life. He describes an incredible journey of the human spirit that led him from the depths of depression and hospitalization to a life of fulfillment and inner peace. It’s a story that will inform you, inspire you, and help you to understand that you are “the master of your own ship,” that you have the power to ignite the dreams that will change your life.

Brad’s words reflect an intimacy and candor that come directly from the heart. His passion touches people emotionally and spiritually. His audience witnesses living proof of Brad’s own transformation into a man of conviction, self-confidence and laser sharp focus. And now he also has a burning desire to help others discover the same happiness and fulfillment that he found on his own decades long journey to enlightenment.

The Trail Dreams presentation will introduce attendees to the “Three Essential Needs For Happiness” that have been passed down to us by our greatest thinkers and philosophers over the centuries. You’ll gain valuable insights into your own life through Brad’s personal reflections. He’ll provide you with the basic ingredients for realizing your own dreams, and he’ll inspire you to take the positive actions that will ignite your own spiritual energy and channel it into a dynamic force for change in your daily life.

Anyone can benefit from the Trail Dreams philosophy – especially teens, young adults, parents and educators. Trail Dreams will help attendees to focus on establishing goals, maintaining positive self-esteem, developing a healthy diet and physical fitness routine. It also delivers a strong anti-drug message.

By the end of Brad’s presentation you too will ask yourself “Why aren’t WE teaching these things in our schools today?”

Happiness isn’t about having more; it’s simply about being grateful for what we do have, and it’s ours for the asking if we have the willingness and courage to change. You owe it to yourself to let Brad help ignite your dreams while listening to his inspirational message of hope.

Trail Dreams Speaker Presentation is a presentation that includes a DVD slide show of Brad’s awe-inspiring 2,200 mile trail journey from Georgia to Maine.

Please contact Brad or Samantha to schedule this Presentation, or to obtain additional information about our Trail Dreams “Workshop” programs.