Trail Dreams Presentation:

The “Trail Dreams” programs are our core programs. There are 4 “Trail Dreams” programs. They are divided into 3 parts:
1. “My Story”
2. A digital slide show with captions, music and sound effects of the 33 year dream that forever transformed my life into one of happiness, fulfillment and achievement
3. A “give and take” discussion with your young people on “The 3 Essential Needs For Happiness” that have been passed down through the ages by our greatest thinkers – this format is designed to encourage attendees to begin developing a plan for achieving their own dreams and goals

You can watch a sample of Trail Dreams here

The four core “Trail Dreams” presentation programs are:

Trail Dreams for Teens –

Designed for middle school and high school students.
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Trail Dreams for Young Adults – DREAM BIG!
Designed for college students.
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Trail Dreams Speaker Presentation
Brad Cook’s inspirational story about achieving his dreams will ignite YOUR dreams and inspire you to take the basic actions that can improve your life forever.
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Children, Teens – Return to Nature: OUR Shared Responsibility
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Supplementary Programs:

Trail Dreams also offers supplementary programs that you may be interested in providing for follow-up support and mentoring activities after the initial presentation. It’s very important that the “Trail Dreams” message be reinforced regularly, as well as assessing its effectiveness on an ongoing basis, in order that your young people receive maximum benefits from their own personal plans. Learn More

Please contact Brad or Samantha to schedule a workshop, or to obtain additional information about Trail Dreams programs.