If you’ve somehow found yourself on this page its probably not an accident, and its also quite likely that you’ve been wondering whether there should be something more to your life than what you’re currently experiencing – that something is missing, that at some level one of your most basic needs is not being met. And perhaps, if you’ve taken a fearless and honest inventory of yourself, you may be questioning whether you’re truly happy today, whether you’ve found the precious gifts of joy and inner peace that you had once assumed were your natural birthright.

You’re not alone. At our core, all human beings have basic emotional and spiritual requirements that need to be met in order for us to live healthy, balanced lives, and chief among them is our desire to seek out happiness, to achieve peace of mind, to live comfortably within ourselves and within the world around us. This has been mankind’s greatest quest over the years – to tap into that illusive realm within each and every one of us where our hopes and dreams reside, where we know inner peace, where we find our ultimate spiritual fulfillment. And nowhere is this need more evident than in young people, who face so very many challenges and distractions in this complex world they’re growing up in.

Brad Cook embarked on his own courageous journey to realize his dreams many years ago, and somewhere along that trail he discovered the three essential requirements that all people need in order to achieve true happiness and to experience the lives they were meant to lead.

One of those needs fuels our imagination, our creativity, and our childlike spirit of experimentation and play, no matter our age or life style.

One of those needs is perhaps the strongest, purest and most personally enabling of all human emotions.

And one of those needs fuels our aspirations, providing us with the focus and spiritual energy to achieve the very best that we can possibly imagine.

The Trail Dreams “Three Essential Needs for Happiness” Workshop is a program designed for people who have already attended the Trail Dreams Presentation and who are now ready to begin integrating these simple concepts into every aspect of their daily lives. Brad will work through these basic needs with you, clarifying them, and helping you to regain a healthy, balanced perspective about your life, family, career, relationships and spirituality, while at the same time you learn how to eliminate the negativity, depression and feelings of hopelessness that have been silently imprinted into your subconscious “DNA” for most of your life.

Through this hands-on process Brad will help you to develop your own personalized plan for achieving happiness – it will be a design for living that will enable you to realize a lifetime of dreams and personal fulfillment.

Please contact Brad or Samantha to schedule a workshop, or to obtain additional information about Trail Dreams programs.