On February 1, 1976, I ran out into the world to pursue a dream and everything changed. Forty years later, after much soul searching, I have also completed the dream of writing my story.

I believe it is a story worthy to be read by others given the important discoveries I have made through my journey in life. In particular, I believe my story will be beneficial to our confused, angry, depressed youth as well as to the parents who raise them. The number of troubled kids seems to be growing. Too many kids today are miserably lost in a world that does not seem to make much sense to them as they struggle to find happiness. Hopefully, this book will be enlightening and have meaning for many audiences, but most especially for these young people, their parents, and the other adults in their lives.

There are two main themes I touch upon as I relate my story. First is the power of a dream, and how a single encounter can alter and change the direction of a life, thereby saving it. The other will explore the therapeutic value and power of nature and how its spirituality can reach into your soul and heal. It will also describe how this vital connection with nature and all it has to offer has been taken from our children by our society’s misplaced priorities for money and power and by the over dependency on entertainment and communication technology.

Children are the future of America, and I will fight for them. By fighting for these children, who have no rights and no vote, I am fighting for America and what is left of it. I have hope.

Everything in life comes down to your mental state and how you choose to interpret each life experience you encounter. Your mental self will control and dictate the physical you. The mind is a most powerful thing. By having a purpose in life, combined with positive thoughts and focus, you can overcome what life throws your way and do just about anything you set out to do.

I was once a caterpillar, a worm. Please follow me through my cocoon stage in life, and finally my emergence as a butterfly with wings. Fulfillment and happiness can be found in each and every one of us. Finding these things need not be a complex process, but in this fast paced, technologically advanced, competitive society life’s simplicity has become lost for too many.

I am so lucky to be alive and able to write this at all. My hopes and dreams are many, but the biggest among them is to help others by telling my story.


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