Our Dream

We dream that we will inspire millions of people of all ages and backgrounds to courageously seek out their own dreams wherever their life’s journey may lead them. We dream that our efforts will influence millions of teens to seek out nature in order that they may receive its bountiful and therapeutic benefits. We dream that those we touch will lead by example, day by day, person by person, by spreading their own messages of hope and enlightenment to all the people in their lives.

Our Mission
Brad Cook – Trail Dreams is an organization dedicated to helping teens and adults develop a personalized plan for achieving a lifetime of true happiness and personal fulfillment. Through our presentations, workshops, and our strong endorsement of the need for a “return to nature,” we are committed to providing individuals – especially teens and young adults – with the tools that will enable them to ignite their own spiritual energy, and to channel that energy into a dynamic and permanent force for personal growth.